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Mad MaxComment

Video Sleeve

Australia, Film, 1979

Not surprisingly, as this was made just before Prisoner started, it features a LOT of Prisoner people. Top of the interest list are probably Sheila Florance as May Swaisey, the guntoting granny, and Vince Gil and Lulu Pinkus as Nightrider and his girl. Lisa Aldenhoven played a nurse AGAIN, and Reg Evans popped up as the station master. The Blackmoor prison building makes an appearance as the police station.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Lisa Aldenhoven ..... Nurse
John Arnold ..... unnamed
David Cameron ..... Underground Mechanic
Stephen Clark ..... Sarse
Peter Culpan ..... unnamed
Reg Evans ..... Station Master
Howard Eynon ..... Diabando
Peter Felmingham ..... Senior Doctor
Sheila Florance ..... May Swaisey
Peter Ford ..... unnamed
Hunter Gibb ..... Lair
Vince Gil ..... Nightrider
Andrew Gilmore ..... Silvertongue
Jonathan Hardy ..... Labatouche
Clive Hearne ..... unnamed
Telford Jackson ..... unnamed
Joan Letch ..... unnamed
George Novak ..... Scuttle
Geoff Parry ..... Bubba Zanetti
Lulu Pinkus ..... Nightrider's Girl
Neil Thompson ..... TV Newsreader
Bill Tisdall ..... Midge
Vernon Weaver ..... unnamed
Paul Young ..... unnamed

Mad Max 2Comment

Vernon Wells

Australia, Film, 1981

Virginia Hey was Warrior Woman. Terry Bourke got it wrong here - she wasn't in Mad Max 3 (heck, it wasn't even called Mad Max 3). This is my favourite of the Mad Max's.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Virginia Hey ..... Warrior Woman
Moira Claux ..... Big Rebecca
Vernon Wells ..... Wez
Arkie Whiteley ..... The Captain's Girl
William Zappa ..... Zetta

Mad Max Beyond ThunderdomeComment

Australia, Film, 1985

The third and, in my opinion, dodgiest of the Mad Max films, but this might be because of the law of diminishing spotting returns, ther being only one sighting in this film.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
George Spartels ..... Blackfinger

Mail Order BrideComment

Ray Meagher

Australia, TV Movie

I know nothing about this other than it was a TV Movie that had Ray Meagher in it, so that's all I can tell you!

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Ray Meagher ..... NK


Video Sleeve

Australia, Film, 1986

A great film (directed by Nadia Tass - also an ex-Prisoner) starring Colin Friels as Malcolm, and featuring some of the best gadgets and the best bank robbery I've ever seen in a film - I won't spoil it for you by telling you how it's done and whether they get away with it. Lindy Davies stars as the girlfriend of the other main bank robbing character, with assorted Prisoner sightings as policemen and security guards. Mike Bishop is among the best as a guard who can't work out what's going on when he thinks the ashtrays are moving about. Charles 'Bud' Tingwell makes an appearance as the nasty supervisor who sacks Malcolm at the start of the film for making his own tram out of spare parts.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Antonios Baxevanidis ..... Cleaner #2
John Bishop ..... Parkworker
Mike Bishop ..... Armed Guard
David Bradshaw ..... VKC (ie The voice on the other end of the police radio)
Don Bridges ..... Postman
Lindy Davies ..... Judith
Laurie Dobson ..... Bank Guard #1
Roy Edmunds ..... Highway Patrol Cop #1
Peter Hosking ..... Bank Nightwatchman
John Kelly ..... Warehouse Cop #1
David Letch ..... Restaurant Hoon #2
Ian McFayden ..... Model Shop Salesman
Tony Mahood ..... Tram Conductor
Beverley Phillips ..... Mrs T
John Raaen ..... Highway Patrol Cop #2
Ian Shrives ..... Split Car Cop #1
Nadia Tass ..... (Director)
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell ..... Tramways Supervisor

Man From Snowy River, TheComment

Sigrid Thornton

Australia, Film, 1982

This is the film version of the story and in unconnected to the later TV series. See also the sequel, imaginatively titled 'Return to Snowy River'. Tommy Dysart makes a very brief appearance as 'Mountain Man', but wearing so many clothes you would be hard pushed to recognise him if it wasn't for his accent.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Sigrid Thornton ..... Jessica
David Bradshaw ..... Banjo Patterson
Terence Donovan ..... Henry Craig
Tommy Dysart ..... Mountain Man
Howard Eynon ..... Short Man
Bruce Kerr ..... Man in Street
Andrew McKaige ..... Harry Finch
Kristopher Steele ..... Moss

Mango Tree, TheComment

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Carol Burns ..... Maudie Plover

Matrix, TheComment

US/Australia, Film 1999

Look in the very first scene when Trinity is raided by the cops. The biggest one is played by Bernie Ledger.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Bernie Ledger ..... Big Cop


UK, TV Series, 1999

Arkie Whiteley played the lead character (Not called McCallum any more!)'s girlfriend for an episode, who ran an internet cafe.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Arkie Whiteley ..... Catrin


Australia, TV, 1990s

A series of (humorous) programmes, several made it to the UK as part of OZ Night and No Worries weekend. Lisbeth Gorr, who plays Elle McFeast, was a resident of the Halfway House when Alice Dodds was in charge and Clare Adam's husband threatened them with a gun.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Lisbeth Gorr ..... Elle McFeast
Jenny Lovell ..... in some of the sketches in McFeast: Sex Guys and Videotape
Lynda Stoner ..... being interviewed in McFeast on Breasts

Medivac (aka Adrenalin Junkies)Comment

Australia, TV Series, 1996

Another Medical drama, and another about a helicopter team and emergency department. Boring ... Sal Rees tells me Sean Scully was a semi-regular for a few episodes playing a Priest.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Sean Scully ..... Priest


Peter O'Brien

Australia / UK, Children's TV, 1998

A fairly appalling children's TV series about a girl who wins a trip to Australia only to discover that she is the exact double of a famous soap star who is unhappy with her life. Of course, they swap places ..... Peter O'Brien plays Minty (the one who's a soap star) O'Sullivan's sleazy manager.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Peter O'Brien ..... Ric da Silva

Mirror MirrorComment

New Zealand, Children's TV, 1995

New Zealand children's programme about a magic mirror that lets people travel back and forward in time. The character names were not included in the credits, so I don't know any of the character names exactly.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Peter Bensley ..... Mr Tegan
Zoe Bertram ..... Constance's mother (Season II)
Barry Quin ..... NK (Season II)

Misery (Stage)Comment


UK, Stage, 1995

Val Lehman toured with this in 1995. It even made it to the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield!

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Val Lehman ..... Annie


Australia, Children's TV, 199?

Christine Amor is a loony (OK mildly eccentric) estate agent in this story about a boy who finds a fish and travels to Australia, the land of his dreams .... Erm yes, quite ..

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Christine Amor ..... Mrs Herman
David Letch ..... Mick

Miss Marple filmsComment

Charles Tingwell

UK, Film, 1960s

Charles Tingwell appeared in the 4 Miss Marple films that were made with Margaret Rutherford in the 1960s.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell

Mission Top SecretComment

Australia, Children's TV, 1995

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Barry Quin ..... Thornton ('The Emperor's Pearl')

Moby DickComment

USA / UK / Australia, TV Movie, 1998

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Janet Andrewartha ..... Don't Know (uncredited anyway)

Money MoversComment

Terence Donovan

Australia, Film, 1978

An excellent film about a plot by a group of security men to rob the security firm they work for. Terence Donovan plays the chief conspirator and Charles 'Bud' Tingwell the nasty crime boss who finds out about their plan and cuts in on the deal. Jeanie Drynan plays TD's wife and Jo-Anne Moore the girlfriend of his brother. Candy Raymond is an insurance investigator planted at the company because of rumours of a possible robbery.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Terence Donovan ..... Eric Jackson
Graham Dow ..... First Detective
Jeanie Drynan ..... Dawn Jackson
Gary Files ..... Ernest Sainsbury
Ray Meagher ..... First Guard
Jo-Anne Moore ..... Bryan Jackson's Girlfriend
Hu Pryce ..... David Griffiths
Candy Raymond ..... Mindel Seagers
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell ..... Jack Henderson

More Things Change, TheComment

Alex Menglet

Australia, Film, 1986

Film about a pregnant girl who leaves home to become a nanny and come to terms with her situation. All the Prisoner spottings were in fairly minor parts.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Brenda Addie ..... Angela
Joanne Barker ..... Bridesmaid 1
Bill Bennett ..... Eric
Paddy Burnett ..... Mimi
John Egan ..... Vince
Chris Gaffney ..... Sponge
Louise Le Nay ..... Lydia
Margo McLennan ..... Barbara
Alex Menglet ..... Telephone Engineer
Robert Ratti ..... Jolian
Colwyn Roberts ..... Truck Driver
Joy Westmore ..... Mrs Degan

Mr ReliableComment

Video Sleeve

Australia, Film, 1996

The 'real-life' story of Wally Mellish, who was trapped in his house during a police siege misunderstanding. Amanda Muggleton again plays someone's mother. Frank Gallacher plays one of the policemen in charge of the operation. Nadia Tass, the director, had a small bit part in Prisoner.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Andrew Buchanan ..... Young Constable
Elaine Cusick ..... Mrs McIntyre
Frank Gallacher ..... Ferguson
David Letch ..... Les Thompson
Amanda Muggleton ..... Mrs Morgan
Graham Rouse ..... Fred
Nadia Tass ..... (Director)
William Zappa ..... Army Colonel

Mrs Craddock's ComplaintComment

Monica Maughan

Australia, Short Film, 1997

A short film with a woman complaining about her lot in life. I haven't seen this film but apparently time has not been kind to Monica Maughan.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Monica Maughan ..... Mrs Craddock


Caroline Gillmer

Australia, Film, 1998

I know nothing, but Karris says that Caroline Gillmer is in it with Nicola Charles (Sarah from Neighbours).

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Caroline Gillmer ..... NK

Murder CallComment

Glenda Linscott

Australia, TV Series, 1997-

TV Series where each episode a murder is investigated, with the pathologists being called in to find the bit of evidence that catches the killer, and the woman detective solving the case each time. A bit repetitive but quite watchable. Glenda Linscott is 'Tootsie' - the standard issue unconventional pathologist.

Tina Bursill played a woman in one episode who looked younger than she was because her husband was a plastic surgeon - in the end she murdered him - you could guess this from the start as everyone else in the episode was unknown. There are however exceptions to this rule! Stephen O'Rourke appeared shifty throughout his episode as a doctor but in the end had nothing to do with the murder, the same goes for Carole Skinner who had a fairly incidental role in her double episode. Alan David Lee was a suspicious character who had an affair with a nun in his episode but eventually didn't turn out to be her murderer.

On the Outside - Glenda Linscott talks about Murder Call, Prisoner and her son.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Glenda Linscott ..... Dr Imogen 'Tootsie' Soames
John Allen ..... Robert Bootland ('Tongue Tied')
Bob Baines ..... Max May ('Heartstopper')
Andrew Buchanan ..... Neil Charlton ('Dead Fall')
Tina Bursill ..... Lori Magnus ('Skin Deep')
Peter Cameron ..... Glen Weekes ('Heartstopper')
Diane Craig ..... Diana Cochrane ('Who Killed Cock Robin')
Tim Eliott ..... Arthur Smith ..... ('Cut & Dried')
Tim Elston ..... Tim Peake ('Last Stop')
Arianthe Galani ..... Antoinette de Bono ('Grave Matters')
Peter Heath ..... Detective Briggs ('Ashes to Ashes')
Douglas Hedge ..... Dr Edgar Travers ('A Blow to the Heart')
Nick Holland ..... Bruice Napper ('Heartstopper')
Liddy Holloway ..... Delia Frampton ('Pain in Full')
Norman Kaye ..... Vic Popov ('Dared to Death')
Alan David Lee ..... Robert Elbin ('Wages of Sin')
Gerard Maguire ..... Donald Cook ('A Blow to the Heart')
Stephen O'Rourke ..... Dr Louis Crane ('An Eye For An Eye')
Barry Quin ..... Dr Charles Stark ('Many Unhappy Returns')
Mariette Rups-Donnelly ..... Carol Thornhill ('Something Fishy')
Carole Skinner ..... Mick Lane ('Deadline')
Linden Wilkinson ..... Rose Van Zeller ('Death Down Market')

Muriel's WeddingComment

Video Sleeve

Australia, Film, 1994

This film is worth it just for the soundtrack! Both Muriel's parents were played by ex-Prisoners, Jeanie Drynan and Bill Hunter.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Louise Cullen ..... Deidre's Friend
Jeanie Drynan ..... Betty Heslop
Bill Hunter ..... Bill Heslop
Rob Steele ..... Higgins


Simon Chilvers

Australia, Film, 1995

A great black comedy with Julia Blake and Simon Chilvers reprising at least part of their roles on Prisoner. Julia Blake finds herself with yet another body to dispose of, while Simon Chilvers plays detective again. As usual, Tommy Dysart's accent turns up several hours before he does - he is first heard on the phone and doesn't actually appear in person until the end of the film.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Julia Blake ..... Flo
Simon Chilvers ..... Instep
Tommy Dysart ..... Wilson

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