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Rowena Wallace

Australia, Film, 1988

A lovely little film about the trials of four actors as they try to get work, but with a twist at the end of it. The first three Prisoner spots below were credited as Executive Producer as well as starring in the film.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Jeanie Drynan ..... Maggie
Barry Quin ..... Larry
Rowena Wallace ..... Anna
Bernie Ledger ..... Man in Mall

Cardiac ArrestComment

Peter O'Brien

UK, TV Series, ~1994

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Peter O'Brien ..... Cyril 'Scissors' Smedley

Carry on LovingComment

UK, Film, 19??

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Colin Vancao ..... NK

Carson's LawComment

Christine Amor

Australia, TV Series, 1983

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Christine Amor ..... NK
Marion Heathfield ..... Secretary (1983-4)
Julieanne Newbould ..... NK

Castle, TheComment

Charles Tingwell

Australia, Film, 1997

Another of those films that comes out of Australia that does absolutely nothing for the reputation of the Australian when it is shown abroad - except for the reputation that means they make bloomin' good films of course. Charles 'Bud' Tingwell is lawyer Lawrence Hammill, who offers his services to the Kerrigan family and their neighbours to save their house - under a compulsory purchase order so a large company can extend the runway of an airport, and Tiriel Mora is the incompetent local lawyer.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
John Benton ..... Mr Lyle
Marie-Therese Byrne ..... Assistant to Chairman
Laurie Dobson ..... John Clifton
Linda Keane ..... Federal Court Lawyer
John Lee ..... Chairman
Tiriel Mora ..... Dennis Denuto
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell ..... Lawrence Hammill


Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell ..... NK

Celebrity $ale of the CenturyComment

Group Picture

Stars from Prisoner, the Young Doctors and the Sullivans have appeared in special editions of this, as well as Amanda Muggleton, Tommy Dysart and Jane Clifton as guests in their own right.

One Day, You're Gonna Get Caught ... - Amanda Muggleton on Celebrity $ale of the Century.
Soap of the Century! - Prisoner and Young Doctors on Sale of the Century.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Jane Clifton ..... Celebrity Contestant
Tommy Dysart ..... Celebrity Contestant - came last!
Cornelia Frances ..... Celebrity Contestant
Maggie Kirkpatrick ..... Celebrity Contestant
Val Lehman ..... Celebrity Contestant
Judy McBurney ..... Celebrity Contestant
Colette Mann ..... Celebrity Contestant
Amanda Muggleton ..... Celebrity Contestant
Fiona Spence ..... Celebrity Contestant

Celebrity SquaresComment

Val Lehman

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Val Lehman
Maggie Kirkpatrick


Alex Menglet

Australia, Film, 1988

Critically acclaimed film about a girl whose rabbit is taken away from her. Loads of 'blink and you'll miss it' ex-Prisoner sightings, as well as William Zappa in the major role of the policeman who takes little girls' rabbits away and is eventually shot - lovely ...

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
John Arnold ..... Detective
Robin Cuming ..... Doctor
Reg Evans ..... Jack
Maryanne Fahey ..... Pat Carmichael
Deborra-Lee Furness ..... Miss Greenway
Philip Holder ..... Reverend Shaw
Louise Le Nay ..... Debbie Burke
Peter Lindsay ..... Mike Mayfield
Alex Menglet ..... Mr Goldman
Steve Payne ..... Government Clerk
Nicholas Trinder ..... One of the Hobyah Pack
Ernest Wilson ..... Little Old Man
William Zappa ..... Sergeant John Burke

Certain Justice, AComment

Penny Downie

UK, TV, 1998

An adaptation of a PD James book shown in Britain in July 1998, stars Penny Downie as Venetia Aldridge, a nasty woman barrister who becomes a murder victim.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Penny Downie ..... Venetia Aldridge

Certain WomenComment

Ann Haddy

Australia, TV, 1973

Yet another programme I know absolutely nothing about - heck, I was only born in 1973!

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Christine Amor ..... NK
Diane Craig ..... NK
Kenneth Goodlet ..... NK
Anne Haddy ..... Barbara

Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, TheComment

Video Sleeve

Australia, Film, 1977

Film about Jimmie Blacksmith, a half Aboriginal man trying to fit into white society. Loads of Prisoner sightings, but many only appear in the shadows. Character names not given in the credits, so those without them have names not easily picked up from the film.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
John Bowman ..... Mullutt
Michael Carman ..... J C Thomas
Liddy Clark ..... Kate
Ian Gilmour ..... Eddie
Terry McDermott ..... unnamed
Ray Meagher ..... Dud Edmonds
Tim Robertson ..... Healey
Justine Saunders ..... unnamed
Rob Steele ..... unnamed

Class Act, AComment

Nadine Garner

UK, TV Series, 1993?

British TV series about two women who meet in jail and the scrapes they get into with a scruffy journalist. Nadine Garner played Gloria, a thief, opposite Joanna Lumley.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Nadine Garner ..... Gloria

Clinic, TheComment

Gerda Nicolson

Australia, Film, 1982

This film was mentioned in Terry Bourke's book, but I haven't seen it so don't know anything about it, except that there are a great deal more sightings than this but I'm holding out to see the film first before I list them.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Gerda Nicolson ..... Woman running the clinic

Club, TheComment

Australia, Film, 197?

I have seen this film but the football overran and I missed the credits - stupid ... yes!

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Evelyn Bowie ..... extra


UK, TV Show, 1990

Craig Martin tells me Fiona Spence was a guest on this murder-mystery quiz show in around 1990.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Fiona Spence

Coca-Cola Kid, TheComment

Video Sleeve

Australia, Film, 1985

Film about a Coca-Cola salesman who tries to persuade a town to drink coca-cola rather than the drink made in their town. Colleen Clifford plays a woman taking an injured kangaroo to the vet, Julie Nihill plays one of the girls singing the jingle for the local drink, and Ian Gilmour dresses up as a woman.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Colleen Clifford ..... Mrs Haversham
Ian Gilmour ..... Marjorie
Bernie Ledger ..... Santa
Julie Nihill ..... Marhing Girl


Bill Hunter

Australia, TV Series, 1996

A vehicle purely for Gary Sweet to run around doing cop-like things. It's reasonably enjoyable, and the opportunity for guest cast means there are plenty of Prisoner sightings. All five episodes have now been transcribed so this should be a complete list.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Danny Adcock ..... Collins ('A Family Affair')
Paul Bertram ..... Nicholas Geffen ('Bad Love')
Peter Ford ..... Soloman ('The Wrong Stuff')
Frank Gallacher ..... Duncan White ('Fall From Grace')
Frankie J Holden ..... Jimmy Cotter ('The Tipoff')
Bill Hunter ..... Sam Wolfe ('Fall From Grace')
Rosie Lalevich ..... Police Doctor ('A Family Affair')
Bryan Marshall ..... Roche ('A Family Affair')
Maria Mercedes ..... Raquel (Spanish teacher) ('The Wrong Stuff')
Wendy Playfair ..... Mrs Unwin ('Bad Love')
Rob Steele ..... Jock McKinney ('Fall From Grace')
David Whitney ..... Ted McKinney ('Fall From Grace')

Comedy Company, TheComment

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Maryanne Fahey ..... Comedienne
Ian McFayden ..... Comedian
Glen Robbins ..... Comedian

Cop ShopComment

Paula Duncan

Australia, Soap, 1977

Sightings for this will be added as they come to me - there are many more sightings than are here.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Paula Duncan ..... Danni Francis
John McTernan ..... Tom Shannon
Lynda Stoner ..... Amanda


Deborra-Lee Furness

Australia, TV, 1995

This hasn't made it to British TV as yet, so this is what I've got from magazines so far.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Deborra-Lee Furness ..... Louise Correlli
Sue Jones ..... Sister Pat

Country Practice, AComment

Book Cover

Australia, Soap, 1980s-1994

Australia's longest running soap (so far!).

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Danny Adcock ..... Mr Strezlecki (Hugo's father)
Andy Anderson ..... Sean (Darcy Hudson's father)
Janet Andrewartha ..... Mother of Young Gymnast
Nicholas Bufalo ..... Dr Ben Green
Colleen Clifford ..... Lady rescued from fire in last episode (I think!)
Beverley Dunn ..... Leonie Stirling
Maureen Edwards ..... Rosemary Prior
Terry Gill ..... NK (Guest)
Glenda Linscott ..... Behind Cookie's bar
Judith McGrath ..... Bernice Hudson
Amanda Muggleton ..... NK (Guest)
Julie Nihill ..... NK (Guest)
Wendy Playfair ..... Parker (Old Doctor's Assistant)
Lois Ramsay .... Dotty old lady (Guest)
Carole Skinner ..... Betty Birchgrove (Frank's failed opponent for Mayor)
Pepe Trevor ..... NK
Mary Ward ..... (Guest)
Linden Wilkinson ..... (Writer)


Australia, Film, 1998

I know nothing about this film, but Sal Rees says it is a very funny Australian film about a dysfunctional family who get together for the Christmas holidays.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Terry Gill ..... Jack Dredge
Louise Siversen ..... Teacher

Craic, TheComment

Australia, Film, 1998

Ditto the above film - I know nothing about this at all.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Ann Phelan ..... NK


UK, TV Programme, 1996/7

Nigel Bradshaw appeared in this 'John Stalker Crime Solving' programme as a Police Officer in a reconstruction in 1996 or 1997.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Nigel Bradshaw ..... Police Officer

Crocodile DundeeComment

Australia, Film, 1985

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Terry Gill ..... Duffy
Christine Totos ..... Rosita

Crocodile Dundee 2Comment

Betty Bobbitt

Australia, Film, 1988

Betty Bobbitt appears in a single scene as an American tourist.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Betty Bobbitt ..... American Tourist

Cry in the Dark, A (aka Evil Angels)Comment

Maurie Fields

Australia, Film, 1988

The winner of the 'Most actors in a film, especially those who were in Prisoner' award. The style of the film, with all the little gossipy bits, meant that almost everyone in Australia got a part.

Prisoner Actor/Actress Spottings
Peter Aanensen ..... Sims
Brenda Addie ..... Judy West
Bob Baines ..... Chief Minister
Matthew Barker ..... O'Loughlin
John Bishop ..... Salesman
David Bradshaw ..... Murray Haby
Don Bridges ..... Farmer
Peter Byrne ..... John Samson
Merrin Canning ..... Darwin Jury
Bruce Carter ..... Newsreader
James Condon ..... Reginald Scholes
Burt Cooper ..... Gilligan
Max Davidson ..... Bowler
Robin Dene ..... Darwin Jury
Maureen Edwards ..... Kate Woodman
Reg Evans ..... Darwin Jury
Maurie Fields ..... Barrett - Alice Springs Judge
Gary Files ..... Professor Chaikin
Peter Flett ..... Bashott
John Ford ..... Bowler
Jan Friedl ..... Ininti Store Manageress
Deborra-Lee Furness ..... Magazine Reporter
Justin Gaffney ..... Colin McRae
Vince Gil ..... Roff
Caroline Gillmer ..... Amy Whittaker
Ian Gilmour ..... John Buckland - Journalist
Eve Godley ..... Darwin Jury
Sandy Gore ..... Joy Kuhl - Darwin Court
Reg Gorman ..... Mr Whittaker
Billie Hammerberg ..... Mrs Herron
Ray Hare ..... Actor
George Harlem ..... Factory Worker
Douglas Hedge ..... Darwin Jury
Lawrence Held ..... Plumb
John Heywood ..... David Hall
Frankie J Holden ..... Leslie Thompson
Philip Holder ..... Newsreader
Abbie Holmes ..... Additional Journalists
Alan Hopgood ..... President Cox
Peter Hosking ..... Macknay
Brian James ..... Cliff Murchison - Lindy's father
Bill Johnston ..... Darwin Jury
Paul Karo ..... Lecturer
Trevor Kent ..... Bomb Scare Policeman
Bruce Kilpatrick ..... Peter Dean
John Larking ..... Barrister
Debra Lawrence ..... Sally Lowe
Lindy McConchie ..... Conrad Grey's Guest
Ian McFayden ..... Attorney General
Maggie Millar ..... Sister in Darwin
Mark Mitchell ..... School Teacher
Iain Murton ..... Operation Ochre Police
Daryl Pellizer ..... Beer Garden Policeman
Robert Ratti ..... Fruiterer
David Ravenswood ..... Prefessor Nairn
Glen Robbins ..... Young Father
Tim Robertson ..... Wallace
Gary Samolin ..... School Teacher
Peter Tabor ..... TV Producer
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell ..... Justice Muirhead
Peter Tulloch ..... Dinner Party Guest
George Viskich ..... Darwin Jury
Terrie Waddell ..... Mary Walsh
James Wright ..... Darwin Jury
Paul Young ..... Sgt Cocks

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