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Samolin, GaryComment

Played the assistant to 'The Yank', who shoots May Collins after she and Willie Beecham do the robbery for him (584-587).

Prisoner ..... Danny Russell
Cry in the Dark ..... School Teacher

Sardi, PeterComment

Played the policeman who arrests Doreen outside a wine shop for shoplifting having recognised her from when she was on the run with Franky (101).

Prisoner ..... Policeman
Angel Baby ..... Lane Manager
Blue Heelers ('The Civil Dead') ..... Lionel Jenkins
Ground Zero ..... Carl Denton

Saunders, JustineComment

Justine Saunders

Played Ann Reynolds' old university friend who came to look after Aboriginal girls in Wentworth (653-668).

Prisoner ..... Pamela Madigan
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The ..... unnamed
Fringe Dwellers, The ..... Mollie
Until the End of the World / Bis Ans Ende Der Welt ..... Maisie

Schofield, PeterComment

Played the Male Nazi Guard in Hannah Geldschmidt's flashbacks (452).

Prisoner ..... Male Nazi Guard
Ghosts ... of the Civil Dead ..... unnamed
Halifax fp (Episode: Hard Corps) ..... Victor Conroy

Scott-Pendlebury, AnneComment

Judy Bryant's ex-lover who she goes to stay with when she escapes from Wentworth the first time (131-132) - eventually shops her to the police. Was in Neighbours for quite a time as Hilary Robinson, and popped up briefly as Sylvester Morgan's secretary in Stark.

Prisoner ..... Pauline Curtis
Lighthorsemen, The ..... Sister (of the nursing type!)
Neighbours ..... Hilary Robinson
Stark ..... Sly's Secretary

Scully, SeanComment

Sean Scully

In both Prisoner and Sunday Too Far Away was the one who broke the mould - in Prisoner as bikie preacher Dan (590-654) and in Sunday Too Far Away as the quieter, more sensitive shearer who reads books. Played the philandering father of three teenage kids in Echo Point, but there is something so pathetic about this character - irrational prejudices and always making excuses - that it makes him uncomfortable to watch after the nice Dan Moulton.

Prisoner ..... Dan Moulton
Deadline ..... Army Officer
Echo Point ..... Neville Loman
Medivac ..... Priest
Phoenix ..... NK
Sunday Too Far Away ..... Beresford

Seedsman, JennyComment

In 1997 Neighbours was the bank manager who said she couldn't give Hannah and Toadfish a loan as they were under age but would help them all she could, and finally gave the loan with Philip Martin as guarantor.

Prisoner ..... Rita
Neighbours ..... Dorothy Stevens
Pugwall's Summer ..... Dianne

Setches, ColinComment

Was Vera's disco one night stand (148), and one of the workmen in the boiler room Doreen flirts with (280).

Prisoner ..... Damien Travena, Neil

Pirate Movie, The

..... Policeman

Shand, RonComment

Ron Shand

Played Rachel Milsom's father (452-454), run down by a nasty man who she then killed in return. Was a regular in the series Number 96 as Herb.

Prisoner ..... Pop Milsom
Number 96 ..... Herb

Sheil, KateComment

Played Janet Conway from 232 to 274, who arrived at Wentworth with the secret that she had been in Wentwirth before, and proceeded to get caught up in Sandy Edwards riot. Janet left to marry that lovely printing man Ian Mahoney. As seen in Blackrock and Heartbreak High recently, she now has short, shockingly white hair!

Prisoner ..... Janet Conway
Blackrock ..... Doctor
Heartbreak High ..... Matron

Shrives, IanComment

One of Shane Monroe's rescuers from the drain (470-471), and the Conqueror who tells Joan her house is on fire in episode 648.

Prisoner ..... MBW Rescuer 1, Tailshaft
Halifax fp (Episode: My Lovely Girl) ..... Security Guard
Malcolm ..... Split Car Cop #1

Sidney, JonComment

Was the president of the charity who visited Erica to talk over projects (218), and the Doctor treating Daphne Graham (573-575).

Prisoner ..... Colin Lester, Dr Veitch
Lighthorsemen, The ..... Grant

Sim, MalcolmComment

One of the men harrassing Dennis Cruickshank when he's accused of murdering girls (529), and the telecom man who installs the payphone outside the rec room (680) as part of Ann Reynolds' new reforms. May have been the truck driver credited in Neighbours where he parks his truck against Ben Atkins' garage so Hannah can't get out, but it is difficult to tell as the driver was never actually seen.

Prisoner ..... Man, Telecom Man
Halifax fp (Episode: Cradle and All) ..... Lift Mechanic
Neighbours ..... Truck Driver

Sinclair, MarianComment

Played one of the group of golfers that Joan plays with after meeting Andrew Hinton (621).

Prisoner ..... Mary Harris
Halifax fp (Episode: Words Without Music) ..... Secretary

Siversen, LouiseComment

Louise Siverson

Appeared briefly in Neighbours as a nanny on trial for Des who revealed she hated kids. Was Debbie O'Brien, a RFDS pilot, in The Flying Doctors. Made a guest appearance as Beth Hartley, a lawyer, in the Halifax FP episode "Lies of the Mind", and another lawyer in the episode "Deja Vu".

Prisoner ..... Shop Assistant, Tammy, Lou Kelly
Crackers ..... Teacher
Driven Crazy ..... Publican
Flying Doctors ..... Debbie O'Brien
Good Guys Bad Guys ..... Shannon Blightie
Halifax fp (Episode: Lies of the Mind) ..... Beth Hartley
Halifax fp (Episode: Deja Vu) ..... Linda Quinn
Heartbreak High ..... Traffic Warden
Houseboat Horror ..... Zelia
Law of the Land ('Leader of the Pack') ..... Lyn Raynor
Neighbours ..... Nanny

Skinner, CaroleComment

Carole Skinner

Was in the film The Good Wife as Mrs Gibson, and in Heatwave as the lead campaigner against a building project who mysteriously disappears and is never discovered - we find out at the end of the film it is her body that was blocking the drainage on the building site! Spotted for a few episodes of Home & Away as Ailsa's housekeeper Mary, and was also a housekeeper for about 20-30 episodes in 1985 in Sons & Daughters. Appeared in Neighbours as Laura Dennison, ME sufferer and sister of Helen Daniels. Was werewolf Yara in The Howling III: The Marsupials - possibly the worst film ever made! Played Betty Birchgrove in Country Practice - Frank Gilroy's failed opponent for the Mayor of Wandin Valley.

Prisoner ..... Nola McKenzie
Country Practice ..... Betty Birchgrove (Guest)
Deadline ..... Sybil
Good Wife, The ..... Mrs Gibson
Heatwave ..... Mary Ford
Home & Away ..... Ailsa's housekeeper Mary (Guest)
Home & Away ..... Anne (Guest)
Howling III: The Marsupials ..... Yara
Murder Call ..... Mick Lane ('Deadline')
Neighbours ..... Laura Dennison
Never Tell Me Never ..... Dusty
Sons & Daughters ..... Housekeeper
Whipping Boy ..... Sex Store Wife

Smillie, JimComment

Played Karen Travers' lawyer who falls for her and ends up rivalling Greg Miller for her affections (15-42). According to Terry Bourke's book he was asked back to play another role later in the series but considered this an insult to the audience!

Prisoner ..... Steve Wilson
Return to Eden ..... Dan Marshall
Space:1999 ..... Ed Baxter

Smith, DesireeComment

Desiree Smith

Played new officer Delia Stout ('Stout by name and stout by nature') towards the end of the series (630-68x?). Appeared briefly in the film Nirvana Street Murder as a Chemist Shop assistant, throughout the film Almost as one of the office girls, and in The Delinquents as Lola's friend Mavis who dies in childbirth.

Prisoner ..... Delia Stout
Almost ..... Cynthia
Delinquents, The ..... Mavis
Nirvana Street Murder ..... Chemist Assistant
Spotswood ..... Shirley

Smith, IanComment

Ian Smith

In Prisoner was Ted Douglas and Pixie Mason's father - also made an uncredited appearance in one scene of the final episode as a policeman - by the time you had noticed he was there, the policeman turned into someone else for the next shot. Also was script editor throughout. Did a Lazarus-type return from the dead as Harold Bishop in Neighbours (Then again, perhaps we dreamed it all ....). In the film Body Melt played the evil Dr Carrera whose drug trials killed lots and lots of unwitting (and a few witting) people - great comedy role that ...

Q&A gets personal with Neighbours' Ian Smith - Interview with Ian Smith.

Prisoner ..... Mr Potter, Ted Douglas, Policeman (uncredited)
Bellbird ..... Russell Ashwood
Body Melt ..... Dr Carrera
Neighbours ..... Harold Bishop (Regular)

Sommerfield, PeterComment

Played Jenny Hartley's solicitor at her trial (568).

Prisoner ..... Elliot Gardiner
Blue Murder ..... Assistant Commissioner

Spartels, GeorgeComment

Played a friend of David O'Connell's - took Pat O'Connell to see him when he was hiding after escaping (76-85). Better recognised as Benito Alessi in Neighbours - married to Elspeth Ballantyne.

Prisoner ..... Herbie
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ..... Blackfinger
Neighbours ..... Benito Alessi
Playschool ..... Presenter

Spence, FionaComment

Fiona Spence

Played sour-faced Vera Bennett from the start of Prisoner until episode 224. Was Celia Stewart - Alf Stewart's sister - in the original line-up of Home & Away.

Soap of the Century! - Prisoner and Young Doctors on Sale of the Century.

Prisoner ..... Vera Bennett
Celebrity Sale of the Century ..... Celebrity Contestant
Cluedo ..... Guest
Home & Away ..... Celia Stewart
Law of the Land ..... Judge

Stanley, HowardComment

The driver of the car that Shane stopped in order to try and get help to get his dog out of the drain (470).

Prisoner ..... Perving Driver
Halifax fp - 'Isn't it Romantic' ..... Jim
Hunting ..... Barman

Steele, JamesComment

Presumed to play the husband of Jeanie Stanton - he visited her in episode 328.

Prisoner ..... Dave Stanton
Cody ..... Measday (Guest)
Outback ..... Slater

Steele, KristopherComment

Prosecuted Carol Lewis (284) and Trevor Priest (457). Was also probably a lawyer in (407) and the Minister's secretary who says the men from Woodridge can mix with the women (505-558).

Prisoner ..... Prosecutor, Billie Dorsey, Police Prosecutor, Douglas Hopwood
Man From Snowy River, The ..... Moss

Steele, RobComment

Rob Steele

Played the doctor at the hospital where Gail Summers took her child after he 'fell out of bed' (125-127). Also was the first Patrick Powell (272), but not the one who gets blown up. More recently appeared in Home & Away as Chloe Richards father who thought he murdered her rapist, and in an episode of Cody as racing trainer Jock McKinney. Played a landowner in the film The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, one of the ones who didn't get bumped off!

Prisoner ..... Dr Rupert, Patrick Powell
All Saints ..... Jimmy Oliver
Blue Heelers ('Playing Possum') ..... George Ambrose
Brides of Christ ..... Senator Kearney
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The ..... unnamed
Cody - 'Fall From Grace' ..... Jock McKinney
Deadline ..... ASIO Agent
Home & Away ..... Max Richards - Chloe's father
Jump #123 ... NK
Muriel's Wedding ..... Higgins
Sons & Daughters ..... Murderer Architect
Time Trax ..... Security Guard in pilot
Young Doctors, The ..... Dr Nigel Forbes

Stevenson, ChristopherComment

Is the desk officer when Jenny Hartley is arrested (548) and the son of policeman turned serial killer Harry Bassinger who makes the phone calls while his father is on holiday (608).

Prisoner ..... Desk Officer, Gary Bassinger
Return to Snowy River ..... Harrison's waiter

Stonehouse, NevilleComment

Appeared for longest (ie more than one episode!) as the electronics expert for the robbery that May and Willie are released to take part in. One of the non-speaking mental patients in the film Angel Baby.

Prisoner ..... Customer, Protagonist, Customer, Ken Turner
Angel Baby ..... A Clubhouse 'client'
Blue Heelers ..... Dave ('Fair Crack of the Whip')

Stoner, LyndaComment

Lynda Stoner

Was spotted chatting away on the Australian show McFeast on Breasts.

Prisoner ..... Eve Wilder
Cop Shop ..... Amanda
McFeast on Breasts ..... Guest
Young Doctors ..... NK

Stroud, GregComment

The brother of Franky Doyle who visited her in episode 6. He was killed in a tractor accident and Franky was too late to see him alive because she couldn't read the telegram.

Prisoner ..... Gary Doyle
Return to Snowy River ..... Jockey

Sturgess, RosieComment

Pat O'Connell's mother who looked after the kids while she was in prison (68-77), and the housekeeper for Mrs Gibson who turns out herself to be Nora Flynn's real mother (580-581).

Prisoner ..... Mrs Devlin, Mrs Davies
Spotswood ..... Edna
Thirst ..... Lori

Summers, BillComment

A policeman who watched Doreen's flat in the hope of catching an escaped Bea in episode 358.

Prisoner ..... Plain Clothes Policeman
Sons & Daughters ..... Ritchie Miller

Summers, KevinComment

Was lots of different people - police, delivery man for the Conway TV etc - in Prisoner before settling on being a lawyer and marrying Pippa Reynolds. Was the policeman investigating Lou's bus fire in Neighbours, and more recently a friend of Karl's when he moved into a flat away from Susan.

Prisoner ..... Detective, Det Sgt Parsons, Delivery Man, Lou Reynolds, Rev Alpha Centauri, Ben Fulbright
Neighbours ..... Detective Harris (Guest)
Neighbours ..... Cliff Browning
Pirate Movie, The ..... Policeman

Swann, DavidComment

As David Adams came armed to Driscoll House looking for his wife Clare (407).

Prisoner ..... David Adams
Blue Heelers ..... Detective
Georgia ..... Bystander
Let the Blood Run Free ..... Dr Richard Lovechild
Pirate Movie, The ..... Policeman

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