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Karo, PaulComment

Occasional policeman first seen bringing Mum and Bea back to Wentworth (200) after her Barnhurst escape. Investigated Pixie's failure to return from work release and the Glee Club kidnapping. Last seen in 490 when his son-in-law is murdered by Brian Lowe. Played a Dentist who abused one of his patients in an episode of Blue Heelers, a camp director in the soap The Box, and a doctor whose terminally ill patient has been the subject of attempted euthanasia in Sea Change.

Prisoner ..... Det Sergeant / Inspector Rouse
Blue Heelers ..... Dr Fielding (Guest)
Box, The ..... Lee Whiteman
Cry in the Dark ..... Lecturer
Sea Change ..... Dr Ashcombe ('Sex, Death and Bridges')

Kaye, NormanComment

Norman Kaye

In Prisoner played Mum Brookes' son-in-law who was a great deal nicer to her than her daughter (5-64). In the film Paws played the owner of the stolen money and the dog who knows where it is. Definitely one of Paul Cox's group of favoured actors, appearing in almost all of his films - A Woman's Tale, Golden Braid .... Was Goldstein's father in Murder Call, and a man who accidentally shot a stuntman through the head in an episode of Murder Call - the stuntman was falling off the roof of a building at the time.

Prisoner ..... Ron Watkins
Boundaries of the Heart ..... Billy Marsden
Deadline ..... ASIO Agent
Golden Braid, The ..... Psychiatrist
Murder Call ..... Vic Popov ('Dared to Death')
Oscar and Lucinda ..... Bishop Dancer
Paws ..... Alex
Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train ..... Salesman
Water Rats ..... Felix Friedman
Woman's Tale, A ..... Billy

Kazan, VictorComment

One of Pixie's husbands (377-378), prosecuted Rachel Milsom (472), Lou Kelly (534), Ettie Parslow (559), and Jenny Hartley (568).

Prisoner ..... Phillip Farnham, Mr Daniels, Simon Towne, Crown Prosecutor
Eureka Stockade ..... NK

Keane, LindaComment

Played a girlfriend of Fred Ferguson from 43-45, more often referred to as Blossom, who ended up inside after stealing Monica Ferguson's stash. Tried to bargain with Jim Fletcher, but was double crossed.

Prisoner ..... Denise Crabtree
Blue Heelers ('Collateral Damage') ..... Citizen 1
Castle, The ..... Federal Court Lawyer
Neighbours ..... Meryl Tanner

Kelleher, JackieComment

Gwen Hill was the companion of Erica's mother before she died (208-211). Jackie Kelleher also played Terri Malone's mother (563-564).

Prisoner ..... Gwen Hill, Mrs Marjorie Malone
Halifax fp - 'Afraid of the Dark' ..... Mrs Toleworth
Snowy River - The McGregor Saga ..... Elizabeth (Guest)

Kelly, JohnComment

Played the Priest at Wentworth in episode 603, suffering from a cold.

Prisoner ..... Father Harris
Lighthorsemen, The ..... British Major
Malcolm ..... Warehouse Cop #1
Robbery Under Arms ..... Old Convict
Sons & Daughters ..... Policeman

Kelton, FayComment

Fay Kelton

In Prisoner played the excruciatingly irritating Alison Page, whose one line throughout her whole time (215-228) was that she didn't belong in Wentworth and wasn't one of THEM. I agree - she belonged somewhere MUCH NASTIER. She was also nasty as Mrs Harris in Home & Away - the grandmother of Angel's son Dylan who wouldn't let her see him.

Prisoner ..... Alison Page
Home & Away ..... Anne Harris

Kemp, RobertComment

Played the husband of the woman who recognised Merle when she was hiding out with Tommy Kipman (672). Was the hotel receptionist for the Murder Weekend won by Brad and Beth in Neighbours.

Prisoner ..... Harold Carter
Neighbours ..... Victor Price

Kennedy, DeborahComment

Deborah Kennedy

Played Gerri Doogan - brought to Wentworth for soliciting, but really a plant attempting to recover the photo of Lionel Fellowes paying a bribe (381-382). In the film The Sum of Us played a woman who met a man at a dating agency and fell for him but then walked out when she discovered that he had not told her his son was gay.

Prisoner ..... Gerri Doogan
Death in Brunswick ..... June
Idiot Box ..... Detective Leanne
Police Rescue ..... Bronwyn Catteau
Sum of Us, The ..... Joyce Johnson
Tim ..... Dawnie Melville
Wildside ..... Crazy Crim

Kennedy, GerardComment

Was one of the terrorists that broke in to free Ruth Ballinger (549). Was the title role policeman in The Winchester Conspiracy, and the policeman investigating the exploding people scam in the film Body Melt. Played the Turkish army leader in the film The Lighthorsemen!

Prisoner ..... Al
Body Melt ..... Sam Philips
Flying Doctors ..... Luke Mitchell
Lighthorsemen, The ..... Ismet Bey
Skyways ..... Airport manager
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... Asst Commissioner Colin Winchester

Kennedy, PatriciaComment

Played the woman who Frankie and Doreen stayed with dressed as nuns in episodes 15 to 17. Was one of our lady bowlers in the film The Road to Nhill.

Prisoner ..... Miss McBride
Getting of Wisdom, The ..... Miss Chapman
Road to Nhill, The ..... Jean

Kent, TrevorComment

Trevor Kent

Before Prisoner was Allister McConnell in 1981 The Sullivans - he was a British diplomat in Java. Briefly spotted in Cry in the Dark as a Bomb Squad Policeman. Died in 19??.

Prisoner ..... Frank Burke
Cry in the Dark ..... Bomb Squad Policeman
Sullivans, The ..... Allister McConnell

Keogh, ChristineComment

The second incarnation of Mikki Wallace, appointed to help at the Halfway House but causing problems (369-376). Was Helen Bremmer, a woman who had to exhume a relative after the grave was robbed in the Blue Heelers episode 'Grave Matters'.

Prisoner ..... Mikki Wallace
Blue Heelers ..... Helen Bremmer
Halifax fp (Episode: Cradle and All) ..... Det Sue Tait
Let the Blood Run Free ..... Esmeralda the stripper (episode 8)
Let the Blood Run Free ..... Princess of Wales (episode 13)

Kerr, BruceComment

Played three roles in Prisoner: Marilyn Mason's employer in episode 8, a heavy at the club where Margo dances in 182, and Syd Humphries son Gordon from 216. Played an irritating passer-by in the film The Man From Snowy Rover. Recently spotted by a member of the Prisoner Cell Block H Mailing List in a play in Scotland.

Prisoner ..... Mr Harris, Maxie, Gordon Humphries
Little Hotel on the Side, A (Stage) ..... NK
Man From Snowy River, The ..... Man in Street

Kewley, JeremyComment

In 288 as Jack Baxter took Susie Driscoll to a disco. Was killed by Bev Baker in 476 as Rob Summerton, which was inevitable after we found out he had a family with small children.

Prisoner ..... Jack Baxter, Rob Summerton
Blue Heelers ..... Tony Timms

Kidd, SteveComment

The Ghoulish Youth in question was watching the car crash where Dennis went in to save the driver when no-one else would, thus securing the heart of Heather Rodgers (469). He also played the bank teller for Ettie Parslow (525).

Prisoner ..... Ghoulish Youth, Bank Teller
Blue Heelers - 'Buckley's Chance' ..... Stephen Buckley

Kilgour, TrevorComment

Broke into Paul Reynolds' studio to plant porn (410) and picketed Wentworth during the officers' strike (476).

Prisoner ..... Intruder, Picketer
Neighbours ..... Richard Duke

Kilpatrick, BradleyComment

Played the little boy that Merle Jones met while on a shopping trip (670-672) for the prison shop. She stole some mice that he couldn't afford to buy and went with him back to his house where she hid until the police discovered where she was.

Prisoner ..... Tommy Kipman
Henderson Kids, The ..... NK

Kilpatrick, BruceComment

Bruce Kilpatrick

Was uncredited when he arrested Ros Coulson when she stopped to help a dying man (73). Played Maxine Daniels' brother-in-law whom she stole for to help out (368-393), Terri Malone's boss (570-576) and an Officer at Blackmoor who came clean to 'City Probe' in order to save his own skin (665-677).

Prisoner ..... Policeman, Roger Carter, Barry Lockwood, Terry Walters
Bellbird ..... NK
Cry in the Dark ..... Peter Dean
Eureka Stockade ..... NK
Neighbours ..... Bob Landers
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... Prosecutor Hoyle

King, MatthewComment

Played Brian Lowe, who sent threatening letters to Ann, and left her and Meg in a booby trapped building after he died in an accident (497-499).

Prisoner ..... Brian Lowe
Abra Cadabra ..... NK

King, PatsyComment

Patsy King Appears here due to popular demand and a re-appearance as Erica Davidson in the first Prisoner stage play.

Prisoner ..... Erica Davidson
Prisoner Stage Play ..... Erica Davidson
Sullivans, The ..... Behind the bar

Kirkpatrick, MaggieComment

Maggie Kirkptrick

Maggie Kirkpatrick biography page

Spotted as a guest in Australian soaps: Marilyn's evil Aunt Jean in Home & Away, a woman whose sister is dying of cancer in GP. Played the title role of Betty in Betty's Bunch - undergoing a total character transformation by playing a nice, kind foster mother who is kidnapped. Was Ivy Hackett in Richmond Hill, and Sarah the housekeeper in The Getting of Wisdom. Of course was last seen strutting her stuff as the Freak in Prisoner Cell Block H the Musical.

Freak Out - Maggie Kirkpatrick in a pop video!
'The Freak Sings' - Maggie Kirkpatrick on The Prisoner Cell Block H Musical.
8 Great Years at Ross Street - Article about 8 years of GP, mentioning loads of guest stars.
Jailbirds - Actresses looking back on working on Prisoner and a 'Where are they now?' bit.
Not Past Their Cell-By Date - Cell Block H Stars on 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Soap of the Century! - Prisoner and Young Doctors on Sale of the Century.

Prisoner ..... Joan Ferguson
Anything Goes (Oz Revival) ..... Mrs Evangeline Harcourt
Beauty and the Beast ..... Celebrity Contestant
Betty's Bunch ..... Betty
Big Breakfast ..... Being interviewed about the PCBH musical
Celebrity Sale of the Century ..... Celebrity Contestant
Celebrity Squares ..... Celebrity Contestant
Doctor Down Under ..... NK
Father Dear Father in Australia ..... sex mad woman
Getting of Wisdom, The ..... Sarah
GP ..... NK
Hey Dad ..... Nun Sister Maureen
Home & Away ..... Auntie Jean
Kilroy ..... Discussing Prisoner's status as a soap
PCBH Musical ..... Joan Ferguson
Pirate Movie, The ..... Ruth
Richmond Hill ..... Ivy Hackett
Silverchair video clip ..... appears
Welcome to Woop-Woop ..... Ginger

Klibingaitis, MaxineComment

Maxine Klibingaitis

Went straight back to prison - presumably Wentworth - as Terry Inglis/Robinson after becoming a plumber and Paul Robinson's wife in the first episodes of Neighbours.

Prisoner ..... Bobbie Mitchell
Hampton Court ..... Sophie
Neighbours ..... Terri Inglis / Robinson

Kliger, GaryComment

Reported on Joan's sacking (475) and followed Ann and Meg about Ettie's release (525), then became a temporary cook (635). Was the exam supervisor who caught Kevin Palmer cheating in his HSC in Sons & Daughters.

Prisoner ..... Reporter, Reporter 2, Paul Webb
Sons & Daughters ..... Exam Supervisor (168)

Klingberg, DawnComment

Appears in the list mainly through managing to play almost every conceivable character type possible - managed to play a member of the parole board, an officer (Officer Edwards), a couple of other bit-parts and Daphne Graham's mother - all without anyone noticing. Now does a nice line in Bag Ladies - Finding a body in Halifax fp and being walked past by Kerry Armstrong in Hunting. May have appeared in Neighbours as a member of the art circle that Declan Hewitt talks to, but this is UNCREDITED and NON-SPEAKING and may only be a figment of my imagination. She played the wife of the alcoholic ex-magistrate in an episode of Sea Change, in order to throw him out of the house.

Prisoner ..... Woman, Officer, .....
Balanced Particle Freeway, The ..... Hermit
Blue Heelers - 'Sisterly Love' ..... Mrs Mundy
Georgia ..... unnamed
Golden Braid, The ..... Woman in Dreams
Halifax fp (Episode: The Feeding) ..... Homeless Woman
Hunting ..... Bag Lady
Neighbours ..... Uncredited member of ladies art circle
Neighbours ..... Nell Woodrow
Sea Change ..... Mrs Cynthia Fitzwalter ('Full Fathom Five')
Woman's Tale, A ..... Don's Wife

Knight, MargotComment

Margot Knight

Spotted in Blue Heelers as Ellen Matthews, a woman whose husband was accused of child abuse. Has been in Neighbours twice, most recently as Tracey Cox, the woman with whom Harold Bishop does voluntary work with foster children. Played the mother of a murdered girl in a Halifax fp episode.

Prisoner ..... Sharon Gilmore, Terri Malone
Blue Heelers ..... Mrs Matthews
Halifax fp - 'Isn't in Romantic' ..... Sue Bailey
Neighbours ..... Jean Richards
Neighbours ..... Tracey Cox
Pirate Movie, The ..... Sister

Knappet, BruceComment

Popped up in Prisoner as Bobbie Mitchell's customer in Sydney who takes pity on her and gives her money towards an air ticket (445), again as the gun dealer Nikki Lennox is supposed to meet (572-573), and yet again as one of the three boring men on the Pamela Madigan blind date (656).

Prisoner ..... Client, Charlie Jackson, George Arnold
Quigley (Down Under) ..... Bushman

Kovski, JeffComment

Harrassed Dennis Cruickshank when he was suspected of murder (529), was one of the real bank robbers when Ettie did her fake robbery (543), and was the contact of Joan's Rodney used to have Lisa Mullins sent back to Wentworth (686).

Prisoner ..... Youth, Spike, Bob Burton
Bite, The ..... Al
Blue Heelers ..... Bob Marrow ('Brotherly Love')
Halifax fp (Episode: Hard Corps) ..... Harry Angel
Hunting ..... Junkie

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