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Haddy, AnnComment

Ann Haddy

Played Alice Hemmings - Doreen's dying mother - in Prisoner. She played Helen Daniels in Neighbours from 1985-1997, the longest serving member of the cast, although due to Anne's continuing ill health the character was killed off. Sadly Ann Haddy herself died on 6 June 1999, she is survived by her husband James Condon.

Everybody's Good Neighbour - A tribute to Anne Haddy

Farewell Helen - Anne Haddy leaves Neighbours due to illness.

Prisoner ..... Alice Hemmings
Certain Women ..... Barbara
Neighbours ..... Helen Daniels
Sons & Daughters ..... Rosie Andrews / Palmer

Halsall, BobComment

In Prisoner questioned Joan over the murders of prostitutes (312), investigated the kidnapping of Major Ferguson (426), interviewed Angela Adams (487), told Meg the police had got her rapist (521), wouldn't let Meg see Dennis when she went to visit him (529), drove Inspector Grace when following the van containing Ruth Ballinger (552) and collected Lorelei for her transfer to Ingleside (673). Phew! Played an inspector at Erinsborough High when it was under the threat of merger in Neighbours in late 1997, the owner of the caravan park where Sarah stayed after her affair with Karl Kennedy (1998), and a policeman looking for Toadie's cousin Tad (end of 1998).

Prisoner ..... Det Wells, Detective, Det Sgt Bob Johnson, Police Sergeant, Desk Officer, Harry, Departmental Officer 2
Neighbours ..... Nick Pallet
Neighbours ..... Rodney Hogan
Neighbours ..... Snr Sgt Tim Stamisorth
Snowy River - The McGregor Saga ..... Jim (Guest)

Hammerberg, BillieComment

Billie Hammerberg

Played May Collins in the boring ex-Barnhurst prisoners period. Also played Valerie, Bea's friend who gave her a gun to kill her husband and then hid her when she escaped.

Prisoner ..... May Collins, Valerie
Cry in the Dark ..... Mrs Herron
Round the Twist ..... Glenda - School Secretary ('Pink Bow Tie')

Hamnett, OliviaComment

Played Kate Peterson, a doctor jailed for killing husband Conrad. Kills Sandy Edwards. Goes mad and is transferred to psychiatric hospital. Has recently surfaced in Australia in Neighbours, playing a local businesswoman who has a run-in with Madge Bishop.

Prisoner ..... Kate Peterson
Department S ..... Sexy Swedish Bikinied Blonde ..... apparently! ('The Treasure of the Costa Del Sol')
Last Wave, The ..... Annie Burton
Law of the Land ('Death or Glory') ..... Visiting Judge
Neighbours ..... Hilary Grand
Pacific Drive ..... Mara de Villenois - took over the role from Rowena Wallace
Return to Eden ..... Fashion Designer
Ripper, The ..... NK

Hansen, JenniferComment

Read the news for the charity telethon (652) and again for the radio news of Merle's escape (672). A real life newsreader, she also read the news in Neighbours.

Prisoner ..... Newsreader
Neighbours ..... Newsreader

Hardy, JonathanComment

Mr Potter was Anne Griffin's first solicitor (161), later replaced by another appointed by Anne's family after they have disinherited her.

Prisoner ..... Mr Potter
Delinquents, The ..... Magistrate
Mad Max ..... Labatouche

Hardy, PeterComment

Played Dave Wilson, a friend of Marty Jackson, collecting him from visiting Meg at Wentworth, revealing that Marty is keeping something secret from his mother (625). Recently played a racing driver in Neighbours, who took Sarah, Matt and Ben out for a drive which ended in Matt and Ben crashing.

Prisoner ..... Dave Wilson
Bite, The ..... Pete
Halifax fp ..... Tony Roman
Neighbours ..... Jimmy Drane (Racing Driver)
Stark ..... Lifesaver

Hare, RayComment

Mr Thomas was the surgeon for Ann's mastectomy in episodes 417-418.

Prisoner ..... Mr Thomas
Cry in the Dark ..... Actor

Harlem, GeorgeComment

George Harlem possibly made an uncredited appearance much earlier in the series as one of the people at the house where Sharon Gilmore was delivering drugs. In any case, he was both of Maria Mercedes' husbands!

Prisoner ..... Manoli, Ahmed Bakarta
Cry in the Dark ..... Factory Worker

Harris, ChristineComment

Christine Harris

Played the unbelievably irritating Pippa Reynolds for FAR TOO LONG!

Prisoner ..... Pippa Reynolds
Hotel Sorrento (Stage) ..... Pippa Moynihan
Neighbours ..... Woman who seduces a Robinson
Young Doctors ..... NK

Harris, JackComment

Joyce Barry's husband at Meg's housewarming party in episode 125.

Prisoner ..... Terry Barry
Robbery Under Arms ..... Big Warder

Harris, LizComment

Sally Dempster employed Maxine Daniels to look after her daughter (313), but ended up inside Wentworth herself.

Prisoner ..... Sally Dempster
Sons & Daughters ..... Mrs Selmar

Hartley, LindaComment

Linda Hartley

A regular in Neighbours as Kerry Bishop/Mangel unil she was killed by duck hunters. Now keeps very quiet about her time in Prisoner.

Prisoner ..... Roach Walters
Neighbours ..... Kerry Bishop / Mangel
While You're Down There ..... NK

Harvey-Wright, PeterComment

Played Bea Smith's solicitor on two occasions (332, 371), and returns with a different name to advise Kath Maxwell to plead insanity (637-638). In an episode of Water Rats was on the other side of the law when he and his wife were found to be kidnapping and killing prostitutes.

Prisoner ..... Jerry Steele, Peter Bladen
Ground Zero ..... TV Newsreader
Sullivans, The ..... Urger O'Keefe
Water Rats ..... Paul Roberts ('Bad Blood')

Hawkins, AnthonyComment

Appeared uncredited as the policeman questioning Lizzie Birdsworth about her original crime (86), before returning to marry Meg Jackson and then leave her when she was offered promotion to deputy governor (143).

Prisoner ..... Det Sgt Little, Bob Morris
Kitty & the Bagman ..... Simon Mornington
Lighthorsemen, The ..... Allenby

Hayes, LeilaComment

Leila Hayes

Appeared as Georgie Baxter's awful mother in a couple of episodes (180-181). Went on to play a mainstay of Sons & Daughters - Beryl Palmer. Rather amusingly credited as 'Old Lady' in the film Blue Fire Lady - in 1977!

Prisoner ..... Jeanie Baxter
Blue Fire Lady ..... Old Lady
Sons & Daughters ..... Beryl Palmer

Hearne, CliveComment

Clive Hearne

Played the magistrate at Denise Tyler's hearing (episode 367), at the family court where Joan tried to adopt Shane (480), at Peter Wright (rapist of Meg)'s trial (512) and was Judge Henley at Jenny Hartley's trial. Continued the great tradition of typecasting by playing a Judge in a 1997 episode of Blue Heelers.

Prisoner ..... Magistrates and Judges
Blue Fire Lady ..... Judge 1
Blue Heelers - 'No Means No' ..... Judge Williams
Mad Max ..... unnamed
Pirate Movie, The ..... Butler
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga ..... Mr Custer
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... AFP Officer

Heath, Peter Comment

Played Heather Rodgers elder policeman brother (476), the supervisor at the Prison Officers' training college where Ann meets Marty Jackson (629), and one of the officers who collected Lorelei for her transfer to Ingleside (673).

Prisoner ..... Bill Rodgers, Supervisor, Departmental Officer No 1
Murder Call ..... Detective Briggs ('Ashes to Ashes')

Heathfield, Marion Comment

Marion Heathfield

Occasionally played Stanley Dobson's dodgily accented wife from 484 to 513. Seems to be one of Paul Cox's acting cabal - she has had minor roles in at least two of his films.

Prisoner ..... Edie Dobson
Carson's Law ..... Secretary (1983-4)
Golden Braid, The ..... Cleaning Woman
Woman's Tale, A ..... Nurse 2

Hedge, DouglasComment

Played the police surgeon when Meg reports her rape. In an episode of Murder Call was a doctor at a research lab who was angry that his research wasn't getting funded.

Prisoner ..... Police Surgeon
Almost ..... Mr Leveredge
Breakers ..... Mereweather (Council Inspector)
Cry in the Dark ..... Darwin Jury
Ground Zero ..... Film Archives Clerk
Murder Call ..... Dr Edgar Travers ('A Blow to the Heart')
Oscar and Lucinda ..... Dog Pit Caller
Water Rats ..... 'Skip' Town ('Bang Bang Your Dead')

Held, LawrenceComment

Played the parole board chairman who refused Lizzie's parole (307) and when Judy is given another chance after the attack on her sister Frances (340). He is probably meant to be the same character.

Prisoner ..... Defence, Parole Board Chairman
Cry in the Dark ..... Plumb

Hennessy, MarkComment

Played the stunt victim for Pop Milsom in episode 454.

Prisoner ..... (Stunt Victim)
Big Steal, The ..... Jimmy
Flynn ..... Horace Cotton
Halifax fp (Episode: My Lovely Girl) ..... Kovacs

Hensley, RobertComment

Arrested Bea after her time on the run in episode 360.

Prisoner ..... Plain Clothes Policeman
Sons & Daughters ..... Grader Driver (88)
Sons & Daughters ..... Workman (166)

Hepple, EdwardComment

Colleen Powell's neighbour who initially comes to mend the TV and ends up being the prison handyman - however we all know things won't end happily and he dies peacefully while Lizzie is visiting him (169-222).

Prisoner ..... Syd Humphries
Kitty & the Bagman ..... Sam

Herbert, RicComment

Was Andy Hudson, the prisoner at Woodridge who Paddy Lawson fell for (318-329). In an episode of Heartbreak High was the compere of an endurance contest.

Prisoner ..... Andy Hudson
Babe 2 - Pig in the City ..... Raider
Heartbreak High ..... Compere

Hewett, ColeenComment

Also a singer - she sang Pixie's song.

Prisoner ..... Sheila Brady
Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left ..... Jenny's Mum
Shadows of the Heart ..... Emily Fargo

Hewitt, IreneComment

Appears in the Halfway House shop (304), harasses Dennis Cruickshank (529) and is Doris, a prisoner, in 603.

Prisoner ..... Matron, Woman 2, Doris
Blue Fire Lady ..... Mrs Bartlett

Hey, VirginiaComment

Most recently played Steven's business partner Gillian in Home & Away.

Prisoner ..... Leigh Templar
Dolphin Cove ..... Alison Mitchell
Home & Away ..... Gillian
Living Daylights, The ..... Rubavitch
Neighbours ..... Beth Travers
Mad Max 2 ..... Warrior Woman

Heywood, JohnComment

Was the prosecuting counsel at Karen's retrial (24), and tried to defend Noeline Bourke in 122, which almost worked until the Judge saw her previous record.

Prisoner ..... Mr Proudfoot, Defence
Adventures of Skippy, The ..... Mr Richards
Cry in the Dark ..... David Hall
Ground Zero ..... Australian Veteran
Lighthorsemen, The ..... Dave's Dad

Higginson, JohnComment

Played the son of prison social worker Paul Reid (88-132). He gets into trouble himself for drugs and hitting a co-defendent's boyfriend and is imprisoned. When released he takes his father to Adelaide (rather suddenly ... they never actually appear to say so) to work in a garage.

Prisoner ..... Tony Reid
Sea Change ..... Simon ('Something Rich and Strange')

Hill, BarryComment

Played Kerryn Davies' feeble husband. Played a nasty doctor in an episode of Shortland Street, and Phoebe Bright's undertaker father in Neighbours.

Prisoner ..... Lyle Davies
Flynn ..... Hollingworth
Good Wife, The ..... Mr Fielding
Neighbours ..... Arthur Bright
Shortland Street ..... Dr Edgar Carmody (Guest)

Hirst, WayneComment

Helped recapture Andy Hudson (329), Pixie Mason (442) and helped when Shane Munroe was trapped in the drain (470). Was also one of the Special Operations Group inside Wentworth after the Ballinger siege. Must have a secure looking face (!) as he played a security officer in the film Ground Zero.

Prisoner ..... Policeman, Uniformed Constable, Policeman, SOG 7
Ground Zero ..... Security Officer

Holden, Frankie JComment

Frankie J Holden

Brad Henson was a TV star blackmailed by Nola McKenzie into supplying drugs to her in Wentworth (356). Frankie J Holden played an Elvis impersonator in the film High Tide.

Prisoner ..... Brad Henson
Big Steal, The ..... Frank
Blue Heelers ..... Jack Woodley
Cody - 'The Tipoff' ..... Jimmy Cotter
Cry in the Dark .....Leslie Thompson
High Tide ..... Lester
IMT ..... (Host)
Leaving of Liverpool, The ..... Bunger
Police Rescue ..... Glenn 'Spider' Webb
Proof ..... Brian (Policeman)
Return Home ..... Steve
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... Detective Constable Max Chapman

Holder, PhilipComment

Played Mr Brice, the lawyer consulted by the Hoskings over custody of Zoe (653), and seen again at the custody hearing (655).

Prisoner ..... Mr Brice
Celia ..... Reverend Shaw
Cry in the Dark ..... Newsreader
Flynn ..... Wealthy Man
Halifax fp - "Deja Vu" ..... Robert Dessau

Holland, NickComment

Played the orderly who was nice to Susie Driscoll when she was in hospital after trying to escape, and an ex-cult member who talked to Helen Smart (382). Had also had a major role in the Young Doctors, and a lead role in the film Dusty.

Prisoner ..... Orderly, Peter Shannon
Dusty ..... Jack Morrison
Murder Call ..... Bruce Napper ('Heartstopper')
Young Doctors, The ..... NK

Holloway, LiddyComment

Appeared as recurring character Alex McKenna, as well as writing episodes of Shortland Street. Was the wife of a murder victim in Murder Call - almost unrecognisable but her accent gave her away.

Prisoner ..... Sister Kelly, Sister Hainer
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys ..... Alcmene, Herc's mum
Murder Call ..... Delia Frampton (Paid in Full)
Shortland Street ..... Alex McKenna
Sullivans, The ..... Waitress / Dressmaker

Holmes, AbbieComment

As a policewoman, escorted Chrissie to hospital (episode 315), appeared when Emma Roberts is reported missing (389), escorted Rosemary to Wentworth (395) and escorted Minnie and Bobbie (405). A quick career change meant she appeared as a nurse when Reb was in hospital after being bashed by Marie Winter (473).

Prisoner ..... Policewoman, Nurse
Cry in the Dark ..... Additional Journalists

Hood, KateComment

Played Rita Connors' competition for top dog throughout the 600s. For once the character seemed to have more than one dimension to her. At first you thought she would become the same 'middle class woman who hurt a child' and just curl up in a corner and gradually fade away. This didn't happen, and she was named by Rita as Wentworth's new top dog at the end of the series. Recently guested in Blue Heelers with short hair, so was almost unrecognisable, but I don't know the character name.

Prisoner ..... Kath Maxwell
Blue Heelers ..... (Guest)

Hopgood, AlanComment

Occasionally played Wally Wallace from Judy's first successful escape through the tunnel, to the time when Ann dumped him and Myra escaped to help her daughter get off heroin. More known for his writing for stage and screen. These days when he appears in films he doesn't seem to get a word in - in Hotel de Love he just sang, and in Rikky and Pete just laughed.

Prisoner ..... Albert 'Wally' Wallace
Bellbird ..... Dr Reed
Cry in the Dark ..... President Cox
Flair ..... (Writer)
Good Guys Bad Guys ..... Judge Moody ('Dog People')
Good Vibrations ..... Gambling Grandad
Ground Zero ..... Commissioner #2
Hotel de Love ..... Ronnie
Neighbours ..... Jack Lassiter
Pugwall ..... (Writer)
Return to Snowy River ..... Simmons
Rikky and Pete ..... Laughing Uncle
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga ..... NK (Guest)
Sword of Honor ..... Stuart Rogers

COMMENT - "Alan Hopgood wrote an episode of Neighbours, the one when Ruth's long lost son Ben leaves hospital after being there for a time due to the race car accident. Hopgood also wrote a play which was on ABC TV in the 70s called And The Big Men Fly. It was a story centred around men who played Australian Rules Football." - Peter Criddle

Hopkins, KevinComment

Played a passer-by in episode 423 who Colleen mistakes for someone who can clear her of a driving charge. In Neighbours he has recently played the nephew of Lily Madigan who contests her will leaving her house to Anne Wilkinson.

Prisoner ..... Young Male Passer-by
Bite, The ..... Defence Barrister
Blue Heelers ('King of Hearts') ..... Detective Stan Lazar
Neighbours ..... Gary O'Neil

Horsfall, ColeComment

Played one of Pixie's men friends, who picks her up from Driscoll in his sports car (378).

Prisoner ..... Gavin Storm
Halifax fp (Episode: Acts of Betrayal) ..... Defence Solicitor

Hosking, PeterComment

Keith Moore was Lorelei's fiancÚ in episode 623 when Joan met them at the pub. He was never seen or mentioned again after this first appearance.

Prisoner ..... Keith Moore
Balanced Particle Freeway, The ..... Mizuchi's voice / Spud's voice
Blue Heelers ..... Frank Davis, Jim Tully (Guest)
Cry in the Dark ..... Macknay
Flying Doctors ..... John Marshall
Halifax fp (Episode: Sweet Dreams) ..... Foucault
Malcolm ..... Bank Nightwatchman
Pirate Movie, The ..... Policeman
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... Sgt Franklin

Howlett, MayComment

Made an appearance as Mrs Downer, Reb's friend Sarah Webster's next door neighbour in episode 437, before returning as Vera Rodgers, Heather's mother from 470-481. One half of the Bunty and Thelma double act in Sons & Daughters who live upstairs from Fiona Thompson - what is the story with those two anyway!?

Prisoner ..... Mrs Downer, Vera Rodgers
Dusty ..... Mrs Patterson
Good Wife, The ..... Mrs Carmichael
High Tide ..... Mick's Mum
Sons & Daughters ..... Thelma

Howson, DenzilComment

Denzil Howson

Played many and varied parts, but I will best remember him as SPOILER Rita's doctor in the last few episodes. Recently played Marlene's restauranteur date in Neighbours. In the film Rikky and Pete was one of the art gallery visitors who got covered in egg by one of the mechanical exhibits.

Prisoner ..... Major Linwood, Defence Barrister, Defence, Mr Nicholson, Defence Counsel, Harry Pearson, Mr O'Lachain, Doctor Lunn
Neighbours ..... Lloyd Hawkins
Rikky and Pete ..... Gallery Stuffed Shirt
Sea Change ..... Magistrate ('My Own Sweetheart')

Hruby, AnnaComment

Played inmate Paddy Lawson, released from Wentworth only to be recaptured escaping with her boyfriend. She was put back inside only to be killed by Nola McKenzie to ensure her stay at Wentworth.

Anna Hruby Biography Page - full list of spottings to follow. Anna Hruby has an e-mail address and contacted this site with a list of spottings so she could be included!

Prisoner ..... Paddy Lawson

Hughes, RobertComment

Robert Hughes

Played the leader of the "terrorists" who attempt to free Ruth Ballinger from Wentworth. In ABBA: The Movie was the DJ chasing ABBA around the country trying to get an interview with them. Also played one of the extortionists who held Sydney to ransom in the film Deadline. Played the title role in 'Hey Dad'.

Prisoner ..... Ram
ABBA: The Movie ..... Ashley
Deadline ..... Fletcher
Halifax fp (Episode: My Lovely Girl) ..... Craig West
Hey Dad ..... Martin Kelly
Winter of Our Dreams ..... unnamed

Hughes, TimComment

Played the police officer who told Noeline Bourke of Leanne's death and then promptly arrested her (122). Underwent a total character conversion to become Wayne's mate who organised the payroll snatch that went wrong (182). Was a customer for Susie Driscoll (293) and the bomb squad officer (387) that survives when the bomb they are defusing goes off when Bea is trapped in Wentworth. Had a fight with David Palmer when playing one of his workmates at the truck depot in Sons & Daughters.

Prisoner ..... Sgt Bentley, Bazza, Len, Major Hunt
Flynn ..... James Dickson
Kangaroo Palace ..... Public Prosecutor
Pirate Movie, The ..... Policeman
Quigley (Down Under) ..... Miller
Snowy River - The McGregor Saga ..... Hugo Linsk (Guest)
Sons & Daughters ..... Mike (133)

Hunter, BillComment

Bill Hunter

Has been seen in main roles in some of the best recent films to come out of Australia. Also appeared as Superintendent Angus McDonald in the 1995 miniseries Blue Murder, and appeared in an episode of Cody - again corrupt. He guested in an episode of Sea Change as the father of the local policewoman who came back a changed man and admitted to a bank robbery.

Bill Hunter biography page.

Prisoner ..... George Lucas
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert ..... Bob
Blue Murder ..... Angus McDonald
Cody ..... Sam Wolfe (Guest)
Deadly ..... Vernon Giles
Eureka Stockade ..... Timothy Hayes
Flying Doctors ..... Dusty
Gallipoli ..... Major Barton
Heatwave ..... Robert Duncan
Leaving of Liverpool, The ..... Father O'Neill
Muriel's Wedding ..... Bill Heslop
Police Rescue ..... Inspector Keith 'Crusher' Carroll
Race the Sun ..... Commissioner Hawkes
Rikky and Pete ..... Whitstead
Road to Nhill, The ..... Bob
Sea Change ..... Vin Miller ('My Own Sweetheart')
Stark ..... Ocker Tyron
Stone ..... NK
Strictly Ballroom ..... Federation President Barry Fife

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