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Cahill, SallyComment

Played Governor's niece Barbara Davidson, who ends up inside Wentworth in episode 17 on a drugs charge to Erica Davidson's embarrassment. May have played Greg's mother in the film The Sum of Us, although the character looked a good deal older than the actress should be. In a Water Rats episode definitely played the mother of a boy dragged from the bay whose clothes she had to identify.

Prisoner ..... Barbara Davidson
Sum of Us, The ..... Greg's Mother
Water Rats ..... Janice Brock ('Black Water')

Cameron, DavidComment

Played Geoffrey Butterfield, son of the owner of the nursery where Lyn Warner went on work experience. Was Mel, one of the kidnappers of Jenny Powell in (275).

Prisoner ..... Geoff, Mel
Mad Max ..... Underground Mechanic

Cameron, PeterComment

Had a variety of jobs in Prisoner - was one of Gloria's friends in 438, the waiter that served Phil and Meg in an Italian restaurant (489), Dennis Cruikshank's neighbour (558) and finally the news cameraman for the forest fires (649). Appeared in an episode of Murder Call.

Prisoner ..... Tezza, Waiter, Neighbour 2, News Cameraman
Murder Call ..... Glen Weekes ('Heartstopper')

Camilleri, MickeyComment

Was Kaylene Rawlins, a prostitute who visited Helen Smart to warn her about Lionel Fellowes, and Roxy Black, a prostitute who worked at Queenie Marshall's place.

Prisoner ..... Kaylene Rawlins, Roxy Black
Halifax fp - "Cradle and All" ..... Beverley
Return Home ..... Judy
Spotswood ..... Elsie

Canning, MerrinComment

Played Carol Coulson, Joan Ferguson's neighbour who killed her husband and then held her daughter hostage until she was disarmed by Joan.

Prisoner ..... Carol Coulson
Cry in the Dark ..... Darwin Jury

Carman, MichaelComment

Played the reporter from the Verity who gets a distorted Jacki Nolan story from Doreen and Lizzie through the prison fence. Also read the news for the Maggie May Kennedy story. Played an army deserter in the film Quigley, who is killed rather abruptly by Alan Rickman. In Sons & Daughters guested as Les Brown, the union official for the truck strike and in Neighbours was the entertainer father of Annalise and Joanna Hartman. Apparently has appeared in ads for Yellow Pages in Australia.

Daddy Dearest! - Michael Carman plays Annalise's father in Neighbours.

Prisoner ..... Reporter, Newsman
Bellbird ..... Andy
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The ..... J C Thomas
Flynn ..... Actor
Good Guys Bad Guys ..... A Transvestite (Guest)
Kangaroo Palace ..... Sandy's Father / BBC Academic
Neighbours ..... Tony 'Tarquin Sequin' Hartman
Quigley (Down Under) ..... Deserter
Sons & Daughters ..... Les Brown (46)
Yellow Pages Ads ..... Michael Carman

Carmody, PeterComment

Peter Carmody

Played the husband of Sally Dempster who maltreated her daughter and drank. Appeared in an episode of Home & away as Martin Dibble's father when he was trying to make a bad impression on his girlfriend (played by Kylie Foster).

Prisoner ..... Peter Dempster
Home & Away ..... Ern Dibble
Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train ..... Man in Second Class

Carrafa, NickComment

Nick Carrafa

Played Micky - the sailor on board the work experience boat who ran away with Roach. Was Detective Alan Howard in a Halifax fp episode, and another detective shown in a flashback on a different episode. Most recently reappeared in Neighbours, this time as the Medecin Sans Frontieres doctor who came and married Sarah Beaumont.

Prisoner ..... Micky
Halifax fp - "The Feeding" ..... Alan Howard
Halifax fp - "Deja Vu" ..... Homicide Detective #1
Neighbours ..... Tony
Neighbours ..... Peter Hannay
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga ..... Alan Grout (Guest)

Carter, BruceComment

Inspector Grace's sidekick when investigating Nola McKenzie's LSD, the bank manager where Ettie goes, a customer taken to lunch by Terri Malone and her boss, the police doctor who examined Lou Kelly's self inflicted wounds before she escapes, and the dentist who has his laughing gas stolen by Rita and Alice.

Prisoner ..... Police, Bank Manager, Customer, Doctor, Dentist
Cry in the Dark ..... Newsreader

Cengarle, LuigiComment

In Prisoner played the cafe owner where Shane Munroe is tormented in episode 527. Never seems to be an important enough character to get a name.

Prisoner ..... Cafe Owner
Georgia ..... unnamed
Ghosts ... Of the Civil Dead ..... unnamed

Chapman, SusanneComment

Played a halfway house resident in episode 323.

Prisoner ..... Denise
Blue Heelers ..... Michelle Tominello ('Random Breath')
Halifax fp ..... Georgia
Kangaroo Palace ..... Sandy
Proof ..... Chemist Girl

Charleston, AnneComment

Ann Charleston

Best known as Madge in Neighbours but pops up several times in Prisoner.

Jailbirds - Actresses looking back on working on Prisoner and a 'Where are they now?' bit.
You've got to laugh ... - Interview with Ann Charleston.

Prisoner ..... Lorraine Watkins, Policewoman, Deidre Kean
Neighbours ..... Madge Ramsay/Bishop

Childs, KirstyComment

Kirsty Childs

Possibly the best comeback in the series when she returns as the head of a security company to whom Joan has become employed after leaving Wentworth.

Prisoner ..... Officer Yates, Glynis Johnson, Willie Beecham
Picnic at Hanging Rock ..... Miss Lumley

Chilvers, SimonComment

Simon Chilvers

Was the policeman who investigated the Wentworth Fire from episode 327. Apparently looks like a good authority figure as he was the President of the Commission into British nuclear testing in the film Ground Zero, and another policeman in Mushrooms. In Mushrooms he was the honest cop who moved into the house to 2 elderly ladies who were trying to dispose of a body.

Prisoner ..... Det Sgt Terry Farmer
Eureka Stockade ..... Bishop Gould
Ground Zero ..... Commission President
Mushrooms ..... Instep

Christie, LauraComment

Appeared when Paddy was hypnotised and regressed (313), as Lisa Brennan - the daughter of a halfway house resident - in 388, and the little girl who lost her dog when Marty Jackson was lost in the forest fire (649).

Prisoner ..... Paddy Lawson (child), Lisa Brennan, Lucy Douglas
Neighbours ..... Sandy

Clancy, MegComment

Played the PRG person who visited Myra Desmond to warn her about Len Murphy (496), and the legal aid lawyer for Eve Wilder (589).

Prisoner ..... Elaine Weiss, Amanda Francis
Water Rats ..... Court Officer ('Bang Bang Your Dead')

Clark, MaudComment

Played a background prisoner - one of Lou Kelly's mob - credited from around 594-601.

Prisoner ..... Faye Donnelly
Georgia ..... unnamed

Clark, StephenComment

Was the nephew of Miss McBride in episode 17, the woman who took in Frankie and Doreen after their escape. Was the barman who remarks that one of the vampires wouldn't be drinking with their blood 'donors' in the film Thirst.

Prisoner ..... Trevor
Mad Max ..... Sarse
Pirate Movie, The ..... Policeman
Thirst ..... Barman

Clarke, AndrewComment

Andrew Clarke

Was the first version of Geoff Maynard, the husband of Judy Bryant's daughter Lori. More recognisable (at least in Britain) for playing Matt McGregor in Snowy River - The McGregor Saga. Matt in the USA is a keen follower of Mr Clarke's career so more info and pics are always coming! Was on It'll Be Alright on the Night from his role in Snowy River with a sneezing horse disrupting a scene. Was Simon Templar (The Saint!) in a pilot for a failed (USA I think) version of the series.

Andrew's Anguish - Andrew Clarke on (not) finding work

Prisoner ..... Geoff Maynard
Adventures of Skippy, The ..... Sonny Hammond
ANZACS ..... Martin Barrington
Flair ..... Phillip Harmon
It'll Be Alright on the Night ..... In an out-take
Outback Bound ..... Bill Wellesley
Saint, The ..... Simon Templar
Snowy River - The McGregor Saga ..... Matt McGregor
State Coroner ..... Police Sergeant
Sword of Honor ..... Tony Lawrence
Taurus Rising ..... Mike Brent

Clarke, LiddyComment

Liddy Clarke

Had a guest role in early episodes of Home & Away as Kerry Barlow, a battered wife. More recently appeared as Jean Diamond of the Arson Squad in Fire, where yet again she met a sticky end. Played one of the title roles in Kitty & the Bagman - a film I have now seen but which wasn't great apart from some amusing catfights between members of the Prisoner cast. Was one of the stablehands in the racing stables in Blue Fire Lady - with an appalling curly perm!

Prisoner ..... Bella Albrecht, Sharon Smart
Blue Fire Lady ..... Betty
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The ..... Kate
Echo Point ..... Iris Delaney
Fire ..... Jean Diamond (2nd season)
Home & Away ..... Kerry Barlow (Guest)
Kitty & the Bagman ..... Kitty O'Rourke

Clarkson, BruceComment

Was the Estate Agent is episode 61 who showed Angela and Karen a possible Halfway House.

Prisoner ..... Estate Agent
Return to Snowy River ..... Bystander at Harrison's

Claux, MoiraComment

Was the assistant in a charity shop that Lizzie conned some clothes and money out of in episode 187 before returning as Alice Jenkins' mother to be butchered by Lou Kelly.

Prisoner ..... Shop Woman, Flora Jenkins
Mad Max 2 ..... Big Rebecca

Clifford, ColleenComment

Colleen Clifford

Played Edith Wharton in early episodes of Prisoner - she was engineered into the plot by living next door to Joyce Martin's aunt, and with that certain inevitability, we all knew she would end up inside Wentworth. Her contribution to the film The Coca-Cola Kid was to be a passenger in a plane carrying a sick kangaroo ..... I am not totally certain due to lack of credits, but she looked very like the old lady who was ushered out of the hospital in the last episode of A Country Practice as the hospital was burning down.

Prisoner ..... Edith Wharton
Coca-Cola Kid, The ..... Mrs Haversham
Country Practice ..... old lady

Clifton, JaneComment

Jane Clifton

Played Margot Gaffney, and Yvonne - a friend of Marilyn Mason in early episodes. Had a guest role in Flying Doctors as the mother of many children who fosters a little fairground boy after his grandmother dies. A small part in the strange sci-fi film As Time Goes By as the Mechanic.

Not Past Their Cell-By Date - Cell Block H Stars on 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Whatever happened to? - Jane Clifton

Prisoner ..... Yvonne, Margo Gaffney
As Time Goes By ..... Mechanic
Beauty and the Beast ..... Celebrity Contestant
Celebrity Sale of the Century ..... Celebrity Contestant
Flying Doctors ..... Mother of Many Kids
Prisoner Stage Play ..... Margo Gaffney
Sussan Commercials ..... appears in them

Collinder, LoisComment

Lois Collinder

Came in and out of Neighbours for a while as the Headmistress of Erinsborough High, Anne Taschendorf, but made an earlier brief appearance as Meredith Downes. More recently appeared as Mrs Abul in the Halifax fp episode "Cradle and All". Was a (non-speaking) mental patient in the film "Angel Baby", and got one line in in 'The Road to Nhill'.


Prisoner ..... Alice Jenkins
Angel Baby ..... One of the Clubhouse "Clients"
Halifax fp - "Cradle and All" ..... Mrs Abul
Neighbours ..... Meredith Downes
Neighbours ..... Ann Taschendorf
Road to Nhill, The ..... Jan

Collins, BillComment

Was the Jury Foreman at Peter Wright's trial for raping Meg (512).

Prisoner ..... Jury Foreman
Blue Fire Lady ..... Broadcaster
Howling III: The Marsupials ..... Doctor #1

Collins, LeonieComment

Tries to find a job for Marilyn Mason (7), and marries Marlene and Matt (533). Must look the type, as in Neighbours she remarried Paul and Christina Robinson.

Prisoner ..... Agency Girl, Celebrant
Neighbours ..... Marriage Celebrant

Conabere, SydComment

Syd Conabere

Was the magistrate who sent Mum back to Wentworth on a shoplifting charge, Erica's friend and director of the local hospital Frank Henderson, and finally Mr Jeffries, Alan Jeffries' father.

Prisoner ..... Magistrate, Frank Henderson, Mr Jeffries
Blue Fire Lady ..... Mr Bartlett
Brides of Christ ..... Da (Mother Ambrose's father)
Home & Away ..... Gerry
Neighbours ..... Dan Ramsay
Sons & Daughters ..... Doug Palmer

Condon, JamesComment

James Condon

Real life husband of Anne Haddy (He has also married her character twice in Neighbours and once in Sons & Daughters), played the minister James Dwyer occasionally through the series.

Everybody's Good Neighbour - A tribute to Anne Haddy

Prisoner ..... James Dwyer
Blue Heelers ('Letting Go') ..... Klaus Schulz
Cry in the Dark ..... Reginald Scholes
Kangaroo Palace ..... Judge
Neighbours ..... Douglas Blake
Neighbours ..... Reuben White
Number 96 ..... Sir Arnold Ashton
Number 96 ..... Nicholas Brent
Sons & Daughters ..... Irish man whose son was murdered by the IRA.
Spotswood ..... Executive 1
Tim ..... Mr Harrington
Time Trax ..... Sal Madriano

Connelly, ChrisComment

Marty Jackson's friend from the Navy who eventually murders a girl in order to impress Meg - why oh why oh why couldn't she tell he was a loony when the whole of the rest of the world was screaming it at her from the first moment we saw him.

Prisoner ..... Dennis Quinn
Halifax fp - "Sweet Dreams" ..... Constable Wilkes

Connor, ShaneComment

In the Bite he looked a lot more respectable than his Prisoner junkie days when he played the government man who persuades the couple to try and catch the heroin traffickers. In Neighbours played a man who befriended the Alessi twins when someone was threatening them, only to be discovered as the man himself - cunning eh? In the latest Halifax fp was a man whose friends were killed in a massacre at a service station and convinced himself that he was responsible.


Prisoner ..... Bongo Connors
Bite, The ..... Thompson
Fire ..... Giraffe (Regular - 1st season)
Halifax fp - 'Afraid of the Dark'..... Ray
Neighbours ..... Phil Hoffman
Police Rescue ..... Cave Rescue Man
Snowy River - The McGregor Saga ..... Tyler Morgan (Guest)
Tender Hooks ..... Wayne

Conran, StuartComment

Judd was an associate of Ronnie Willis in episode 680.

Prisoner ..... Judd
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga ..... US Marshall

Constable, RobComment

The manager at the supermarket where Edie tries to shoplift in episode 45. Also, the bartender where Dennis is hassled about being a serial killer, and possibly the man who Joan beats at arm wrestling when she meets Andrew Hinton. Played one of Harold Bishop's job interviewers in Neighbours.

Prisoner ..... Supermarket manager, Bartender, Bluey Wilson
Neighbours ..... Marcel Schmidt
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... District Officer

Cooper, BurtComment

Played Melinda Crosse's attorney, AND Toni McNally's solicitor within the space of a week (53 and 57-63). As a policeman, he came to the halfway house to look for Fay (352), appeared when Pop Milsom was run over by Trevor Priest (454), and caught Lorelei when she stole the car to follow the Hoskings and Zoe (653). In the film Rikky and Pete sidled up to Pete in a gallery and told him what the meaning of art was - that the eyes followed you around the room.

Prisoner ..... Mr Baxter, Terry Mansini, Police
Cry in the Dark ..... Gilligan
Rikky and Pete ..... Gallery Weirdo

Corke, FionaComment

Fiona Corke

Played Alison Mills in Prisoner - but how could she do that with RODNEY! A regular cast member of Neighbours as Gail Lewis/Robinson until she ran off with Paul's babies. Has guested in Blue Heelers as Thea Copeland - a hypnotist, and Police Rescue as a woman whose son gets into trouble while looking for his natural father. Also appeared in the Halifax FP episode "Cradle and All" as Christine. A semi-regular in Sea Change, she plays the sister of the main character.

Prisoner ..... Alison Mills
Blue Heelers ..... Thea Copeland (Guest)
Flynn ..... Miss Taylor
Halifax fp - "Cradle and All" ..... Christine
Neighbours ..... Gail Lewis / Robinson (Regular)
Police Rescue ..... Woman whose son goes missing (Guest)
Sea Change ..... Trudi Dawson

Cornwell, TonyComment

Was the ambulanceman for when Joan's house is bombed and Dennis is kneecapped (554-555), then a quick (very quick ...) change of career to be a policeman when Nikki Lennox breaks into a chemist (569) and again a policeman when Lou Kelly escapes from hospital (607).

Prisoner ..... Ambulance Officer, Policeman, Policeman 2
Winchester Conspiracy, The ..... Det Sgt John Weel

Coulls, DeborahComment

Played the first Micki Wallace in episodes 169-170, the one that Judy met when she met Wally after her escape.

Prisoner ..... Micki Wallace (Mark I)
Robbery Under Arms ..... Kate

Cowden, LucindaComment

Lucinda Cowden

Irritated the whole world with her laugh as Melanie Pearson/Mangel in the early era of Neighbours. Moved to Britain to present Parallel 9. Has been interviewed for a student newspaper by my friend Matthew! Appeared in one scene of the film Body Melt as the secretary of a man whose head was about to explode .... or was it melt?

Prisoner ..... Receptionist, Mandy
Body Melt ..... Andrea
Neighbours ..... Melanie Pearson
Parallel 9 ..... Presenter
Sullivans, The ..... Youngest Daughter

Craig, DianeComment

Diane Craig

Cornered the market in headmistresses as Teresa Lynch (Don Fisher's deputy) in Summer Bay High, and then June Dyson at Heartbreak High. Also appeared as Julia Blake's daughter in the film Travelling North, and the mother of the main character in the biopic Never Tell Me Never.

Prisoner ..... Jacki Nolan, Sister Anita Selby
All the Rivers Run ..... Miss Barrett
Certain Women ..... NK
Heartbreak High ..... June Dyson
Home & Away ..... Teresa Lynch
Murder Call ..... Diana Cochrane ('Who Killed Cock Robin')
Never Tell Me Never ..... Shirley Shepherd
Taurus Rising ..... Libby Hilton
Travelling North ..... Sophie

Crittenden, LisaComment

Lisa Crittenden

Just after her stint in Prisoner became Leigh Palmer in Sons & Daughters in 1984/5. Was Director of Nursing Carrie Burton at Shortland Street before having triplets by artificial insemination and moving to Australia - no sign of her since! Most recently appeared in the third season of Xena: Warrior Princess as Gabrielle's mother.

Prisoner ..... Maxine Daniels
Blue Heelers ('Smoke Gets In Your Eyes')..... Julie Lewis
Boys From the Bush ..... NK
Shortland Street ..... Carrie Burton
Sons & Daughters ..... Leigh Palmer
Sullivans, The ..... Sally
Xena: Warrior Princess ..... Gabrielle's mother

COMMENT - "Didn't recognise her at first but then something was familiar about her. She certainly looks different now and you can catch her in the latest Blue Heelers episode called 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes'. It was none other than Lisa Crittenden and she was the character known as Julie Lewis." - Peter Criddle

Croft, BradleyComment

The gym instructor fancied by Alice, who gives Nancy a poster of a bodybuilder and beats Rita in a skipping competition.

Prisoner ..... Tony Browning
Halifax fp - "Lies of the Mind" ..... Security Psych Staff

Crosby, ElizabethComment

The accomplice of the bank robbers who abducted Jenny Powell - she shot her husband and ended up in Wentworth (276).

Prisoner ..... Carol Lewis
Deadline ..... Joanne

Cullen, LouiseComment

Played a friend of Mrs Hanlon's in 357. Mrs Hanlon was Bea's employer when on the run. Also played someone's friend in Muriel's Wedding - a running theme there? In Sons & Daughters guested s the news woman from Channel 7 who wanted to make a story out of ill little Stevie Ryan meeting Norm the kangaroo.

Prisoner ..... Louise Belmont
Muriel's Wedding ..... Deidre's friend
Sons & Daughters ..... Heather Bradshaw (52)

Culpan, PeterComment

Played a clerk of court at Catherine Roberts' trial in 22.

Prisoner ..... Clerk of Court
Angel Baby ..... Psych Security
Mad Max ..... unnamed
Round the Twist ..... Photographer (Guest)
Sons & Daughters ..... Foreman (Episode 36)

Cuming, RobinComment

Led the Wentworth Sunday service while Frankie Doyle went to the roof to jump off (11). Was also Melinda Crosse's father (53-57), Meg's parole officer course instructor (189) and Reb's doctor at Ingleside (581) that Ann Reynolds goes to see. Must be a learned looking chap because he has played both Doctor and school principal since then.

Prisoner ..... Rev Johnston, Jack Crosse, Mr Campbell, Dr Green
Celia ..... Doctor
Heartbreak Kid, The ..... Principal
Road to Nhill, The ..... Frank

Cummins, PeterComment

Peter Cummins

Played a lawyer who appeared for Mum and Bea at their trial (203-204).

Prisoner ..... Hartman
Blue Fire Lady ..... McIntyre
Ground Zero ..... Australian Veteran
Return to Snowy River ..... Jake
Rikky and Pete ..... Delahunty
Robbery Under Arms ..... Moran
Sunday Too Far Away ..... Arthur Black

Cunnington, LloydComment

Had a recurring role as Mr Goodwin, the Visiting Justice for Barbara Davidson, Clara Goddard, Ros Coulson, Sharon Gilmour, Lizzie, Sandy Edwards, Bea and Chrissie. Phew! Changed his name to sentence Reb Kean and Mo Maguire in 431, his last appearance?

Prisoner ..... Mr Goodwin, VJ Humphries
Blue Fire Lady ..... Mr Grey
Spotswood ..... Executive 2

Curtin, PeterComment

Peter Curtin

Chaired a PRG meeting in 158 about Jackie Nolan, was that lovely printing man Ian Mahoney, and best of all was the nice policeman who finally locked up Joan Ferguson. In 'real life' is married to Ailsa Piper, who at present plays Ruth Wilkinson in Neighbours. She has kindly given me permission to nick the picture of him from her web pages so you can all remember how lovely he is !!! ...

Prisoner ..... Solicitor, Ian Mahoney, Det Thorne
Eureka Stockade ..... NK
Sick Room, The (stage) ..... (at the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne)

Cusick, ElaineComment

Played Linda Jones, first a bookie's runner for Margot, but who killed Kay White to defend Lizzie. Lizzie took the blame so Linda could be released for her son Danny.

Prisoner ..... Linda Jones
Mr Reliable ..... Mrs McIntyre
Robbery Under Arms ..... Mum

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